Chicken & Chickpeas Rice

Chicken & Chickpeas Rice

with Pickled Hot Baby Peppers & Yoghurt


40 Minutes


2 Person




450 - 550 kcal/serving
Ingredients We Send

250 - 350 gram

Chicken Breast

30 gram


160 gram


2 teaspoon

Chili Pepper

300 gram


150 gram

Boiled Chickpeas

10 unit

Pickled Hot Baby Peppers

Ingredients From Your Kitchen

Black Pepper


Olive Oil

  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • Pot
  • Strainer
  • Rice Pot
Nutrition Values / per serving

Rinse the rice in cold water and leave aside in bowl filled with water until the time you use it.


Take the chicken in the pot and fill it with cold water until it passes over 3 fingers. Leave it to simmer over high heat. 


After the water boils, cook for 15-20 min. (Don't spill the water you boiled the chicken with. You will use it for the rice.) At the end of this time, take chickens aside. 


Strain the chicken broth to use for rice. (You will use 1,5 glass, you can store the remaining chicken broth to use another time.) 


Wash the chickpeasin cold water, rubbing them in the palm of your hand and separating them from the membrane.


For the rice; strain the rice. Take the rice pot on the stove. Melt one package of butter over medium heat. Take the rice in the pot and stir for 3 – 4 minutes. Add 1,5 glasses of chicken broth. Adjust salt – pepper.


Stir the rice and close the lid of the pot. For 2 min over medium heat and later on low heat. Add the chickpeas when you decrease the level of the heat. Cook until rice soaks the water.


When the chickens are cold enough to touch, shred it with your hand or by using two forks. 


When rice is ready, let it rest for 5 minutes. (lid closed)


In the meantime, fry shredded chicken with the other pack of butter for 2-3 min. Make the salt-pepper adjustment. 


You can serve Chicken & Chickpeas Rice with yoghurt and pickled hot baby peppers. (If you wish, you can sprinkle blackpepper or chili pepper flakes on it.)